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Sugita Tomokazu & Nakamura Yuichi - SLF Special Edition



  • Nakamura called Sugita everyday after Japan Earthquake last 2011.
  • The first time Nakamura was living alone by himself, he sadly told Sugita "Sugita… living alone is so lonely…" So Sugita came and then they proceed to living together… for four-five days. After that, Nakamura bluntly told him "Please go back to your own place."

  • Several people said that its common to see Sugita and Nakamura holding hands during event or on regular recording.


  • "Because Nakamura will be here today" —- a female seiyuu asked Sugita out and got turn down by this reason.
  •  Sugita once complained about how Nakamura first time BL ‘H’ partner wasn’t him
  • Sugita Tomokazu invited Nakamura Yuichi to play ‘Monster Hunter’, but left him to take care of the enemy subordinate while Sugita concentrated on defeating the last boss ^^” Several days later, Kamiya Hiroshi complained about the exact same thing also happen to him.


  • Nakamura said that Sugita never talk bad about other people, not even once.
  • When they got into fight, Sugita usually will look less energetic than usual.
  • That was a UST recording, when Sugita told the news along with Nakamura. Sugita’s PSVita was broken so bad it couldn’t be fixed no matter what. Sulking Sugita apparently didn’t really take notice when Nakamura said that he need to go to men’s room.One hour later, Nakamura was back with a new PSVita; he said, “I change your birthday date. So its become today!” and give Sugita the PSVita. It was unbelievable for both Sugita and their fans, of how Nakamura managed to buy PSVita in one hour on LIVE recording no else!

Extra Story of how sweet they are:

Sugita goal eight years ago was to buy two pillows. One to put at his place, and one to put at Nakamura’s place. The reason (taken from Nakamura’s blog) was because he only has one pillow at his place. Whenever Sugita came by to sleepover, Nakamura will fold towel as pillow replacement and give the pillow to Sugita. 


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Reine des Fleurs - Main Characters - 




The princess of the Floating sanctuary:

Violette [ ヴィオレット ]
Seiyuu: N/A

"The mission I was given, is here"

Age: 18 years old.
Substitute of the Goddess, the current Reine and ruler of Parterdeame the floating sanctuary.

A wise and composed…



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New character design’s for the Cardfight!! Vanguard movie from the japanese website! Miwa still wearing pink? CHECK! Ren still wearing a half skirt-thing? CHECK! Kai still dressing all fancy? CHECK! Naoki still having red hair!… uncheck…? o.o Cant wait for this movie!!!

Seriously though what happened to naokis hair???

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New Adolf K Weismann and Klaudia Weismann SSR cards from K The Lost King.

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by ミンメ [also on pixiv]
※Posted with the artist’s permission.


by ミンメ [also on pixiv]

※Posted with the artist’s permission.

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Sakamakis - Neko version / Diabolik Lovers ~

Awwww, Subaru tan Kawaii *^* <3 (¿Y Reiji?)

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